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Some questions about package illimytics SFR

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Some questions about package illimytics SFR

Messagede wasim » Mer 2 Fév 2011 08:24

Hello friends forumiens, here I just bought the blackberry storm Friday so I took the package Illimytics 3g + 2 hours including the following options:

-Caller ID
-3 Unlimited number

So with the right TV package I have unlimited (available in 3G and 3G +) unlimited emails (Service sfr sfr mobile mail and mobile messenger application by 2.0 and SFR), including unlimited 3G internet + google, youtube, facebook, travel sncf

maps and routes and go find sfr

Unlimited text messaging messenger mms 24/24 to all operator

Unlimited calls to 3 no SFR 24/24 7d 7d

Well here is the presentation of my package, everything is normal until the :)

Here are the questions I ask myself:

1st: When I'm home I do not have 3G I'm on edge, then I still surf for free??
2nd question I've downloaded apps for Facebook and youtube messenger if I connect to these apps from now on the BB is that it will always be free??
3rd issue in trying to find and use SFR want to go lorsqueje USE THE GPS for the car I call eg € 5 per month for use in car, is this normal?? The use of GPS as a pedestrian it is Free??

I did a search on the forum but I admit to not having found answers to my questions, but I may be wrong for it!

Thank you for reading and hopefully a little enlightenment in these questions
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Some questions about package illimytics SFR



Re: Some questions about package illimytics SFR

Messagede LoLrenX » Mer 2 Fév 2011 09:10

Hi !

1 / Yes

2 / Yes. Make sure with you customer service that your BIS is active though

3 / Yes, SFR find & go requires an extra option in your plan to be used. You can find other solutions without paying the premium, e g Telmap.
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